Oregon Area 58 Service Committee Opportunities 

Interested in service?  Fill out the Service Committee Submission Form by clicking the button below.

Serve Oregon Area 58

We would love you to join us in serving Oregon Area 58. We hope that you will think over whether you are available and have the time and energy to serve. Please list the committee preferences in order along with your service resume and send them the Chair at chair@aa-oregon.org.  The requirements for all of the open committee positions are outlined in Oregon Area 58 Guidelines.

Several of our Service Committee Chairs will have fulfilled their commitment and will be rotating out of their positions in November 2023 which means their positions will become open. At this time we are asking for service resumes from those of you who would like to serve Oregon Area 58 in one of those positions. Although consideration and appointments to fill the committee positions will not start until after the September assembly it is helpful for us to begin the process. The cut-off for accepting resumes will be around October 15th.

“Each of us in turn—that is, the member who gets the most out of the program—spends a very large amount of time on Twelfth Step work in the early years. That was my case, and perhaps I should not have stayed sober with less work.” – Bill W. letter, 1959

What Is a “Service Resume”?

Never written a service resume before? Don’t worry, it’s not hard. A service resume is simply a list of the service positions you have held, when and where. You can include outside experience if it has some bearing on the position you are interested. For example, if you want to stand for Area Treasurer and you have some accounting experience, that would be pertinent. You don’t need a lot of detail; for most people, their service resume will fit on just one page.

To contact a specific service committee chair or alt-chair, please visit the committee page.