Registrar Duties & Responsibilities

General Information


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To contact the Oregon Area 58 Registrar, please email


Oregon Area Guidelines


  • Generally, as described in the A.A. Service Manual.
  • Assists Groups, Districts, and Area trusted servants in keeping contact and Group information current via Fellowship Connections database that is hosted by A.A.WS.
  • By custom, distributes in a secure location accessible by Oregon Area Service Committees, DCMs and Alt DCMs.
  • By custom, registers GSRs for voting at Area business meetings and assists Secretary with producing Roll sheets, mailings, etc.
  • Will make available Motion History Summary notebook at Registrar’s table at each Assembly. Notebook updated and provided by Area Secretary.

Service Manual


Registrar Duties: In many areas, registrars now develop and maintain records of all groups in the area, including group name, meeting location, time, and G.S.R. or group contact. Registrars may also be responsible for names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of the G.S.R.s, D.C.M.s, district and area officers and area committee members. They may provide mailing labels for area publications such as a monthly newsletter or a mailing of minutes. S47 Area registrars also assist the G.S.O. Records Department to keep their records up-to-date.”

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