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Imagine someone wanting help but they don’t know who to call. Imagine someone helping a friend get sober but not knowing where to turn for information. Now imagine all the people who are in recovery today because they did have a phone number, or a pamphlet with the right piece of information that helped them find their way into recovery. That’s what PI does, and that’s how we can help. 

Together we can take action in our responsibility statement: “When anyone anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there. And for that… I AM RESPONSIBLE.

Service Positions

PI North Chair 

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About the Service Positions

Members involved in Public Information (PI) of Alcoholics Anonymous help carry the message of recovery to the still suffering alcoholic. Working together, we do this by informing the general public about AA by providing resources such as literature, discussion, and educational materials. We also can provide Personal Service Announcements to radio and television stations.

Upcoming Events

June 29th
10am – 2pm

Hospitals Workshop

ALBANY, OR 97322


What does the Public Information Committee Do?


Public Information carries the message by getting in touch with the media, schools, industry, and other organizations, and relaying the nature and purpose of A.A. and what it can do for alcoholics. Some examples of PI work include:


  • Placing literature racks in high schools, libraries, police stations, hospitals and maintaining them regularly with current literature and meeting schedules
  • Ensuring every public library has at least one Big Book, 12 & 12, or Living Sober book.
  • Contacting local schools, nursing homes and churches and offering to provide literature or make presentations
  • Responding to speaking requests for non AA meetings within the area
  • Placing Public Service Announcements with local radio and, television stations

    Getting Involved

    “From the beginning, communication in A.A. has been no ordinary transmission of helpful ideas and attitudes. Because of our kinship in suffering, and because our common means of deliverance are effective for ourselves only when constantly carried to others, our channels of contact have always been charged with the language of the heart.” Bill W. Co-Founder of A.A.

    A.A. members wishing to carry the message to the general public are encouraged to attend PI meetings or contact a PI rep your area. Experience shows us that connecting with other PI’s is a valuable way to get involved and find out about upcoming events.

    Examples of PI Outreach

    There are many ways to get involved in PI work. One is to “sponsor” a literature rack. This can either be done on an individual level, or your home group might wish to sponsor a rack. You can make this a part of your group’s monthly business meeting by describing the need and asking for volunteers to restock literature. Materials may be obtained at Intergroups Central offices, local offices, or by ordering directly from GSO using the literature catalog.

    Participating at Non-AA Meetings

    Community or health fairs sponsored by local colleges or public health organizations often have a need for AA information. If asked, a PI would typically staff a booth, answer questions and hand out literature as requested.

    Speaking at middle and high schools is another way that PI’s can contribute. The format can of course vary, but one option is a presentation on alcoholism and recovery in a health or physical education class.

    Thought should be given to our Traditions, especially that of anonymity, when giving presentations.

    There is some additional info on the PI workbook which has several examples of these types of presentations and information regarding Speaking at Non-AA Meetings in a pamphlet and our PI Guidelines.

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