What is the Area Assembly?

The Area Assembly is a meeting of GSRs and committee members to discuss area affairs and to elect officers and a delegate to the General Service Conference held each Spring in New York.

May anyone attend the Area Assembly?

All members of A.A. are encouraged to participate in the workshops and sharing sessions of the Assembly.

Where and When is the Assembly?

They are held four times per year, in different parts of the state. See the Area 58 Calendar and List of Events for dates and locations.

How does my District host an Area Assembly?

Districts interested in hosting an Area Assembly may want to visit the Assembly Planning Resources page.

Who serves on the Area Committee?

The committee consists of the DCMs of each of the participating districts, the elected area officers and committee chairpersons, the delegate and alternate delegate

Who is eligible to vote during Area Assemblies?

The area committee or their alternate, all GSRs or their alternates, the delegate and alternate and the area chairperson and alternate are voting members. See the Area 58 Voting Procedure for details on the process.

What is a GSR (Group Service Representative)?

An AA member elected by their group to represent the group at the Area Assembly see the GSR Resources page for more information.

What is a DCM (District Committee Member)?

DCMs are elected by the GSRs in a District to provide two way communication between the District and the Area Committee, including the Area Delegate. They also talk to groups about the responsibilities of general service work; see the DCM Resources page for more information.

What do the service committees do?

Service committees take care of the internal functions of Area 58 and provide outreach activities to carry the AA message to the suffering alcoholic and to raise community awareness. You can browse the list of service committees using the “Committees” button on the main menu bar above.

But I don’t know how to do any of this service work!

None of us did when we first started – we learn it the AA way, by doing and by asking those who went before us.

Is service work boring and stuffy?

There may be a bit of that, but it is more than made up for by a feeling of usefulness and fellowship, and plenty of fun does happen.