Oregon Area Officers & Alternatives


Delegate: Penny H.

Alt Delegate: Chris H.

Chair: Joe S.

Alt Chair: Nick F.

Treasurer: Curt M.

Alt Treasurer: Debra B.

Secretary: Lisa S.

Registrar: Kristen L.

Committee Chairs, Co-Chairs, Assistants & Alts


Contact all past delegates as a group by emailing,
or individually using their emails listed below.


Access Chair:

Archives Chair:

Archives Alt Chair:

Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) North Chair:

Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) South Chair:

Treatment Facilities (TF) North Chair:

Treatment Facilities (TF) South Chair:

Corrections Chair:

Corrections Co-Chair:

Finance Chair:

Finance Co-Chair:

Grapevine Chair:

Hospitals Chair:

Hospitals Co-Chair:

IT/Web Committee:

IT Chair:

IT Co-Chair / Web Admin:

IT Assistant/ Application Admin:

Newsletter Chair:

Public Information South Chair:

Public Information North Chair:

Safety and Inclusion Chair:

Translation/Interpretation Chair:

District Committee Members

Contact all DCMs using group emails or individually using the direct emails listed below.


Oregon Area DCM Group Emails

Oregon Area 58 DCMs:

Oregon Area 58 Alt DCMs:

Portland DCMs:

Portland Alt DCMs:


Oregon Area DCM Direct Emails


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District 15 DCM:

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 District 28 DCM:

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District 31 DCM:

District 32 DCM:

District 33 DCM:

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District 37 DCM:


Albany: 541-220-3111

Astoria: 971-601- 9220

Baker City: 541-624-5117

Bandon: 541-347-1720

Beaverton: 503-684-0415

Boardman: 800-410-5953

Coos Bay: 541-469-2440

Corvallis: (541)220-3111

Coquille: 541-347-1720

Bend: 541-548-0440

Brookings: 541-469-2440

Burns: 541-548-0440

Cannon Beach: 503-861-5526

Condon: 800-410-5953

The Dalles: 800-999-9210

Echo: 800-410-5953

Enterprise: 541-624-5117

Eugene: 541-342-4113



Florence: 541-469-2440

Gardiner: 541-469-2440

Gearhart: 971-601- 9220

Grants Pass: 541-474-0782

Heppner: 800-410-5953

Hermiston: 800-410-5953

Hillsboro: 503-684-0415

Hood River: 800-999-9210

Klamath: 541-883-4970

La Grande: 541-624-5117

Lakeside: 541-469-2440

Lincoln City: 541-265-1953

Mapleton: 541-469-2440

Medford: 541-773-4848

McMinnville: 503-472-1172

Newberg: 888-472-1172

Newport: 541-265-1953

North Bend: 541-469-2440

Ontario: 208-344-6611


Pendleton: 800-410-5953

Pilot Rock: 800-410-5953

Portland: 503-223-8569

Reedsport: 541-469-2440

Roseburg: 541-673-7552

Salem: 503-399-0599

Seaside: 971-601- 9220

Siletz: 541-265-1953

Toledo: 541-265-1953

Umatilla 800-410-5953

Waldport: 541-265-1953

Yachts: 541-265-1953

Past Delegates


Past delegates are members of A.A. who have served Alcoholics Anonymous as a delegate to the General Service Conference for one two-year “panel”. When their term as delegate ends, they automatically become a past delegate. Past delegates often continue to be of service by serving on panels, such as Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts, “Ask it Basket”, at the Area Assemblies, District workshops, GSR schools, and conferences.

Some past delegates have chaired the Pacific Regional A.A. Service Assembly (PRA.A.SA) or served as committee chairs for PRA.A.SA. Many past delegates attend the Pacific Northwest Conference (PNC) and other A.A. conferences. They are eligible to be nominated for trustee positions but they cannot serve again as a delegates

Contact all past delegates as a group by emailing, or individually using their emails listed below.

Please contact the immediate past delegate (the primary contact for past-delegates) if you have questions or wish more information on past delegate activities. If you are a past delegate and wish to be listed here, please contact the immediate past delegate.


NAME & Contact Information PANEL YEAR

Jim F.


70 2020-2021

Vera F.


68 2018-2019

Reilly K.

Winston, OR

66 2016-2017

Gus P.


Eugene, OR

64 2014-2015

Chase B.

Medford, OR

62 2012-2013

Anne M.

Lake Oswego, OR

60 2010-2011

Dave A.

Clackamas, OR

58 2008-2009

Eric K.

Portland, OR

56 2006-2007

Bruce L.

Bend, OR

54 2004-2005

Darlene G.

Lebanon, OR

52 2002-2003

Mark S.

Zillah, WA

48 1998-1999

Don J.

Medford, OR

44 1994-1995

Kathy J.


36 1986-1987

Past Delegates From Other Areas

Many past delegates, who have moved from the Area in which they were a delegate, continue to serve A.A. just as they’ve always done since they were first blessed with the gift of sobriety. Some remain active members of their Home Group by serving as greeters, recovery or service sponsors, attending business meetings, or showing a newcomer how to make the coffee. Others stay involved with Area Committee functions by participating in correctional, Treatment Facilities Facilities, or Hospital meetings and “passing on” that which has so lovingly been passed on to them.



Madeleine P.

Area 18 – Idaho

62 2012-2013

Ruth K.

Area 71 – Virginia

53 2003-2005


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