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The District Committee Member is an essential link between the group G.S.R. and the area delegate to the General Service Conference.

The DCM provides leadership and information to the GSRs and carries the collective group conscience of the A.A. groups in the district to the area committee. As a member of the Area Committee, the DCM is able to pass on the district’s thinking to the delegate and the committee. DCM sharing sessions at the Area Assemblies are an opportunity to learn about DCM responsibilities and exchange information. In January of every year, Oregon Area 58 holds an Orientation which is an opportunity for DCMs to learn more about their role and about Oregon Area 58 at the DCM School.

As DCM, you can help Area 58 serve your district by:

  • Keeping GSRs informed about conference activities
  • Assisting the Registrar with Group/GSR contact information and district information
  • Sending all District events to the Webservant for inclusion on the website calendar webservant@aa-oregon.org
  • Talking with groups (old and new) on the responsibilities of being an informed A.A. Group
  • Being enthusiastic about service

Area Resources

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Area Guidelines

Robert’s Rules of Order

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What is Service Sponsorship?

Sponsorship in A.A. is basically the same, whether helping another individual’s recovery or
service to a group. It can be defined as one alcoholic who has made some progress in recovery and/or performance in service, sharing this experience with another alcoholic who is just starting the journey. Both types of service spring from the spiritual aspects of the program.

Individuals may feel that they have more to offer in one area than in another. It is the service sponsor’s responsibility to present the various aspects of service: setting up a meeting; working on committees; participating in conferences, etc. In this matter it is important for the service sponsor to help individuals understand the distinction between serving the needs of the Fellowship and meeting the personal needs of another group member.

To learn more read: Questions and Answers on Sponsorship

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Literature Resources

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Questions and Answers on Sponsorship