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Welcome to the Assembly Information page! Oregon Area 58 Assemblies are hosted by Districts four times a year in different parts of the state. Use the below resource links to browse live, upcoming and past agendas and minutes, tabled, passed, and failed motions, as well as important information regarding assembly guidelines and procedures. If you’re looking for a specific motion, please visit our Tabled Motions & History page.

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Upcoming Assemblies



2024 September Quarterly Assembly

Chinook Winds Casino Resort

1777 NW 44th St, Lincoln City, OR 97367



2024 November Quarterly Assembly


Hosted by District 9

Embassy Suites at the PDX Airport



2025 March Quarterly Assembly


Hosted by District 19

Eugene, OR (location TBD)

Interested in hosting an assembly?

Check out our Host An Assembly page.

Oregon Area 58 Voting Procedure


The following Oregon Area 58 Voting Procedure is used when a motion is made before the Area Assembly.


A motion is made

  • If it does not receive a second, it dies.
  • After a second, debate is opened.
  • If a registered voter calls the question, a second will be required, or debate resumes. A Question must be called in turn at the mike.
  • If the question is seconded a 2/3 majority will end the debate, or debate resumes.
  • If the question is not called, debate will go on until there is no one at the mike.
  • Once debate ends, a sense of the group will be taken by simple majority, to vote or table.
  • A motion is automatically tabled to take back to the groups unless it is deemed:
    • >Urgent – extremely time sensitive, must be decided prior to the next Assembly
    • >Administrative – extremely minor change, having little or no impact on groups

A motion is voted on

  • If it involves expenditure of area funds, the finance committee will be asked to report.
  • It requires a 2/3 majority to pass.
  • The non-prevailing side will be asked if they wish to speak to their position.
  • The prevailing side will be asked if there is a motion to re-vote, and requires a second. A simple majority is required to re-vote.

A motion is re-considered

  • Full debate, pro and con is resumed (please limit discussion to only new considerations).
  • The question may again be called, seconded, and requires a 2/3 majority to end debate.
  • A sense of the group may be taken by simple majority, to vote or table.
  • If voted on, the motion must have a 2/3 majority to pass.

Debate has ended

  • Debate on a tabled motion will be resumed under old business at the next assembly, and the voting process will be the same as above.”

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