Archives Committee


The Area 58 Archives collects and preserves correspondence, records, photographs and media articles for the guidance and research of A.A. members and others.

Service Positions

Archivist (Chair)

Archives Assistant

About the Service Positions

The term of the Archivist and Archives Assistant is 8 years each, with the terms beginning in 2004. The purpose is more than mere custodial activities; it is the means by which we collect, preserve and share the rich and meaningful heritage of our fellowship.

The Archivist and the Archives Committee are responsible for


  • Receiving, classifying and indexing all relevant materials, including, but not limited to, administrative files, records, correspondence, literary works and artifacts considered to have importance to AA.
  • Holding and preserving such material, making access possible, as determined by the present archivist in consultation with the Archives committee, to members of Alcoholics Anonymous, and those of the public who may have a valid need to review said material. Such access be provided only during business hours and with a mindful view toward the anonymity of our members.
  • This is done through workshops, presentations, mailings/email, etc. Some travel may be involved between assemblies. The Archivist meets with the Archives Committee for work at the archives repository.

What’s in the Archives?

  • Area 58 records, including Assembly minutes
  • Area 58 history, including the scrapbook of Doc H., founder of AA in Oregon
  • District records
  • Group histories
  • Audio recordings of Oregon Area members
  • Photos from Oregon Area history
  • Big Books and Grapevines through the years
  • Archives conservation work area, equipment and supplies
  • Scanning equipment for digitizing records
  • …and much more – come and see!

Archives Tours and Training

Your Area 58 Archives is located in St. Helens, Oregon. If you would like to bring a group for a tour, please contact the Archivist to arrange a date and time. We are also happy to provide training in archival techniques for District Archivists.

Group Histories Project

The Archives Committee needs your help to preserve the history of AA in Oregon.

In the mid-80’s a book was published called A History of Alcoholics Anonymous in Oregon – 1943-1983. It is a collection of the earliest memories of the growth of AA in Oregon over the first 40 years; stories included the recounting of individuals, groups, committees, Intergroups and our Oregon Area Service structure. The effort was supported by the Oregon Area General Service Committee, and was financed entirely by pre-sales and fund-raising projects. It was compiled, written and published by Past Delegate Diana S. The book was re-printed in 1995 with the help of our past Archives Co-Chair Bob C.

Much of our precious Oregon AA history would be lost if it were not for the efforts of hundreds of sober alcoholics organizing for this effort more than 30 years ago. If efforts are begun now, perhaps another 30 years of history may be preserved for future members before those who carry the memories are gone and the artifacts lost.

At the May 2012 Assembly, an Ad Hoc Committee for Oregon AA History was created by the Area Chair, then at the May 2013 Assembly it was announced by the Area Chair that the Ad Hoc Committee for Oregon AA History would continue its efforts as a History Sub-Committee of the Area Archives Committee. You can support this project by talking with oldtimers in your Groups who may have vital information that may be lost if not collected soon, so that we can continue archiving and preserving our rich Oregon AA History that has contributed to our own sobriety and growth as an Area AA Service entity.

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