Alternate Delegate


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About the Service Position

The alternate serves as a valuable assistant,
often traveling with the delegate or giving reports for them. In some areas, the
alternate delegate may serve some special function on the area committee. Many
area committee treasuries recognize the need to support the alternate’s expenses
separately from the delegate’s.

Alternate Delegate Duties and Responsibilities


  • Generally, as described in the AA Service Manual.
  • Perform duties of Delegate if the Delegate is unable.
  • Attend PRAASA, Pacific Region Forum and PNC, and give verbal and written report to Area Assembly.
  • By custom, facilitates GSR Schools and other workshops at Area Assemblies and as requested by Districts and Groups between Assemblies.
  • Coordinates Area Orientation, working with the Area Chairperson to set the agenda and arrange presentations.
  • By custom, assists with transition of Area Service Committee members before, during and after rotation.

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